Food Travel // Hapsari

May 18, 2017

Today I want to share about this snack food stall called Hapsari. If you live in Surabaya then you must have known or seen its stall around the mall. My friends have been enjoying the snacks here, especially the dumplings , for quite some time. However, not until recently that I finally tried it out and I just fell in love with it.

Like you can see from the photos above. It has various of products from the savory to the sweet food. It also has quite a lot of branches throughout Surabaya shopping malls.

As I told you before, I tried the siaomay first then I loved it! So, I decided to try the tahu bakso too! And guess what? I loved it too! Now, every time I see the food stall, I just couldn't help to buy a treat or two.

If you ever feeling a little bit tired after a long day at the mall, and looking for a delicious snack then you must visit Hapsari! I'm looking forward to check out the sweet snacks they have. I'll definitely tell you about it after I'm done eating it! :D

See you on my next post, guys!

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