Favorites // June 2017

July 02, 2017

Hello again!
Sorry for being away for a while. I just in need of  some little time with my family, friends, and also myself. I hope you've been missing me though 😉
With June ending, we're officially halfway through the year 2017! Wow, time does fly so fast!
Alright, before stepping further into the other half of the year, I would love to share a few things that I enjoyed last June. Let's start, shall we? 😁


For music, there is this one particular event that totally made me feel hopeful for the future of this world. It is the One Love Manchester concert which was held by the one and only miss Ariana Grande. It's just spectacular and full of such amazing songs and singers! My favorite ones were when Ariana performed Where is the Love with the Black Eyed Peas and also her perfomance of Don't Dream It's Over with Miley Cyrus. Check out the performances below if you want to experience the power of music ☺

I also fell in love again with these amazing duets of Disney Channel awesome productions: True Love from the series Liv and Maddie and also Meant to Be from the movie Teen Beach. I used to really loved it already, and apparently I still do ☺

I still love K-Pop songs, and these new songs of Mamamoo just got me so excited! I love them all because they're so unique and talented! Enjoy their newest songs: Age Gag and Yes I Am 😆

A new Carly Rae Jepsen song to put back the summer mood! Totally love her newest song Cut to the Feeling!

More to the religious songs. I've been enjoying these songs by Owl City and Beyonce a lot throughout June 😊


There are some videos on youtube that really made an impact in my point of view this June. First off is this video by the famous youtuber Michelle Phan. I never really subscribed or followed her videos before, but this very first video of her that I watched really touched my heart. If you're in a struggle with your life right now, you might want to watch this video:

I also got interested with this video about religions by LizziesAnswers. If you're interested with Christian theology, you might have some interest to watch her videos.

Then, I also found this awesome channel, full of inspiring videos, called Lavendaire! I haven't watched all of her videos, but I truly want to! If you love some inspiration and motivation in a video, then you must check out her channel!


In June I watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars which was totally the end game of the series. I felt so happy to finally know the answer of all the mysteries, but I also felt kind of sad because it's over already. Totally want to watch the series all over again from season 1 someday 😁

I suddenly got the urge to watch Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2 again this June! I still totally love these films and the stories. It's a story of two teenagers who got stuck in a musical film and looking for a way to get back into their world. Totally fun and full of beautiful songs! ☺


I decided to buy something kind of pricey this June. My brother and I bought this Sony a6300 camera and the lens. We're going to share this camera so we're splitting the bills. My father also bought me another lens later on, so I can take pictures conveniently. I'm still learning on how to use it since I've always used Canon cameras before, but I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it soon 😊


Here are some food that I've been enjoying in June! More details will soon be posted on my Food Travel posts! 😉

Alright, this is it for my June favorites! It's a little bit late, but stay tune for more stories on my adventure in June, because it's been lots of fun!

See you on my next post! 😁

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